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Lunchtime Legends
We are a COVID Safe Business
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is happening as a result of Covid-19?

A: In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Lunchtime Legends has prepared a Covid-Safe Plan which has been approved by the NSW State Government. Sports, especially those played outdoors, are rated as very low risk, however all reasonable precautions have been taken to minimise any risk of transmission, including:
  1. NSW Health certified training of all staff & officials in Covid-19 infection control.
  2. Infrared temperature screening of all attendees at indoor venues.
  3. Zero contact sign in for participants.
  4. Hand sanitiser for everyone before and after games.
  5. Fresh equipment for each game.
  6. Sterilisation of balls at half and full time.
  7. Full sterilisation of all equipment after each session.
  8. Limits on spectators.
  9. Postponement of games during infection outbreaks.
The health & welfare of our staff, participants, their work colleagues, families and friends remains our foremost concern. We continue to be pro-active and look to improve safeguards as the pandemic evolves, along with our understanding of best practice.

Q: What is Lunchtime Legends?

A: Lunchtime Legends is a social corporate sporting competition that runs at lunchtime. It gives employees the opportunity to get out of the office and compete in a social and fun environment.

Q: How long do games last, can I fit them in my lunch time?

A: Games are played in two 13 minute halves with a 2 minute half time break. We select venues close to major employment area's to reduce transit time. Depending on your situation, you should be able to get back to work within the hour.

Q: How long do your competitions go for?

A: Our competitions usually run for 9 weeks of round robin games followed, by a finals series, though some seasons may be shorter based on venue availability. In most area's we try to allow for replay of at least two weeks of washed out rounds, subject to venue availability.

Q: Can I register as an individual?

A: Yes. You can register as an individual. You will then be grouped with other people who have registered for the same competition to form a team. Individual registrations are not guaranteed and are subject to sufficient people registering. We need 8 people to register for most competitions to form a team, excepting Netball which requires 9. Your payment will not be processed until a team has been confirmed.

Q: How much does a competition cost?

A: The cost of each competition varies on each area and sport and is for the entire team or for an individual. Team fee's and individual registration fee's are published in our Competition Schedule each season. If you need more information regarding cost, please email

Q: How many players can be registered in a team? 

A: Each team booking has unlimited player registrations and unlimited interchanges are permitted during games.

Q: Can your team register players after the competition has started?

A: Yes, you can register players throughout the competition by emailing their name to Please note, to play in a finals game, players must have signed on and played for at least 3 games in that competition.

Q: Do teams have to wear a uniform?

A: No. Teams are encouraged to wear the same coloured shirts, but bibs are provided if required.

Q: Am I covered for personal injury or loss of earnings if I sustain an injury whilst playing in a Lunchtime Legends competition?

A: Lunchtime Legends holds Public Liability and Professional Indemnity cover, but does not provide Personal Injury or Loss of Earnings cover. Participants are usually covered for personal injury and loss of earnings by Workers Compensation and Sick Leave entitlements if playing with the approval of their employer. Participants should notify their HR department that they are playing.

Q: Is there someone I can talk to if I have a question or an issue that needs attention?

A: Yes. Call 1800 466 090 during regular office hours to speak with a real person.

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